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Sam Kwok/Consultant
A-Plus Resources
Ever since we installed a Living Stream Dispenser in our office, we no longer need to purchase those expensive minerals water to serve our clients. We are saving from the low rental cost and hassle-free maintenance by JC Living Stream Pte Ltd.

I find it convenient. Now, at a press of the tap, I get pure, free and tasty hot or cold water.
I will not hesitate to recommend it.
Tan Ming Yeow (Mr)
B@IT International Enterprise Pte Ltd
I find it a chore to stock up and replace those bulky and heavy water containers. As our staff are all ladies, I need to spare them the trouble to replace the heavy water refills. Moreover, as we treasure our customer’s health, it is important to serve them healthy water.

The customers are happy that we care about them in such a practical way.
I am really glad I switched to using Living Stream Water Dispenser.
Jonathon Chew/ Sales Manager
Dell Computer Inc.
My mother loves Living Stream as she no longer needs to boil water for our family. We also have so much more space in our kitchen because we have thrown away our boiling kettle, hot water pot and other water containers.
I have also noticed that my children drink more water because Living Stream water tastes so much better. Thank you so much, Living Stream.